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Thorgal (english version) - Tome 11 - The Invisible Fortress

Thorgal (english version) - Tome 11 - The Invisible Fortress (Comic)

Series : Thorgal (english version)

Genre : Heroic fantasy

Collection : Cinebook
Release : 22/11/2012
Publisher : Cinebook

Illustrator : Rosinski
Author : Jean Van Hamme , Van Hamme
Illustrator : Grzegorz Rosinski
: Grzegorz Rosinski , Jean Van Hamme
Format : Read online
Language : English
ISBN : 9781849186148
Volume 11

      4 5 6 0
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Still travelling with Kris of Valnor, Thorgal runs afoul of a local tribe. When a mysterious old woman offers him a chance to escape the hostile villagers, he accepts. But there's more to the bargain: She says that if he can make his way into the Invisible Fortress, he'll be able to erase his name from the Stone of the Gods, cancelling his destiny?and finally have a chance at a normal life.
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