About Starzik?



Starzik is a legal download platform that offers all types of cultural content (music, ebooks, digital comics, game, software and movies) multiformat (mp3, wma, aac, ogg, flac). Born in 2004, Starzik is a pioneer of legal downloading and today offers one of the widest catalogs of digital cultural content. Creating an account on Starzik can design its true cultural universe unlimited download product purchased them into lists of thematic preferences (playlists, booklists …), enjoy its products online (online listening …) and follow cultural events with an online magazine, the Starzik Mag.
Starzik offers various payment options, credit card, PayPal account, package or gift voucher.
In 2012, Starzik launched its tablet and smartphone application allows users to enjoy their Starzik account from the carrier of their choice.

Starzik figures:

Over 12 million music
400,000 digital books
7000 Digital Comics
12,000 games and softwareEach month more than 1 million visitors
800,000 user accounts
230,000 people notice the music Starzik.com
3750 fans on Facebook
1997 followers on Twitter