Terms and conditions



Article 1: Purpose

These Terms and Conditions are intended to define the conditions of access and use of the site Starzik (hereinafter referred to as « SITE ») which is available to any registered service (hereinafter the  » Guest User « ) service paid download digital content (hereinafter referred to as the » Service  » ) on the website ‘ www.starzik.com ‘ , as well as arrangements for the acquisition of digital content by Client.Ce music download service online is hosted by Starzik SAS, simplified joint stock company incorporated under French law with a capital of 1 274 075.88 Euros , whose registered office is at 25 rue de la Cure SASSENAGE 38360 , registered with the Trade and Companies Grenoble under number 49763325500011.Le service selling music is for users who own a computer with a compatible web browser with internet access . The browser must be set to accept cookies site.Tout access to the Site registration or use of the Service , any download on the site  » starzik.com  » requires consultation and prior acceptance of these Terms and Conditions by checking the box dedicated to this purpose in the order form. Validating the order implies acceptance of these Terms and Conditions.
Any downloading on the site ‘ www.starzik.com ‘ requires consultation and acceptance by the Customer of these Terms and Conditions by checking the box dedicated to this purpose in the order form. Validating the order implies acceptance by the Customer of these Conditions of Sale.
Downloading digital content purchased will be available as soon as Starzik has been advised of the authorization to debit the credit card to the Customer by competent payment centers and Starzik.Préalablement issued by the validation of the order , the Customer shall indicate on the form provided for that purpose the email address that will be sent a confirmation message indicating the reference of the transaction. Entering an e-mail address is required. The Customer is solely responsible for the accuracy of the email address entered.
The Customer has the ability to save and print the Terms and Conditions of Sale, available only in French.

Article 2: Land

Downloads of digital content purchased « starzik.com » are reserved for customers residing on French territory or MONACO or any specific areas authorized by Starzik the date of purchase with a credit card issued in France by French bank established on French territory or ID tronic on any specific areas authorized by Starzik

Article 3: Offers and Prices

The prices of our products are in Euros, all taxes comprises.La STARZIK company reserves the right to change prices or these Terms and Conditions at any time but the products or services will be billed on the basis of rates and conditions force at the time of order entry.



This offer allows the downloading of digital content without obligation and from proposed by the SITE catalog. Customer who wishes to purchase a download of digital content has three payment methods outlined below in Article 5.

From the payment, the download service is available to the Client.

Price formula Purchase Cart is € 1 or € 1.15 per share and 9 or 11 euros all taxes included album and, whatever the means of payment used by the Customer.




The Customer also has the ability to create and credit his account  » Starzik  » SITE  » www.starzik.com  » .

This Starzik account will allow access by Customer services by a username and password. The password will be sent to customer by email after registration. Customer may change his password by accessing the « My Profile » on the SITE after registering .

The Starzik account can be credited ( credits ) by purchasing a package / package 36 credits for an amount of 30 euros or 12 credits for 10 euros, all taxes included. These credits available through packages / package can be used for all products on the site except the radius library ( books and comics )

Payment packages can be made by credit card or check ID TRONIC .

The credit Starzik account can not in any way be converted into cash.

The Customer must inform the Company Starzik for any loss or unauthorized use of his account , his username and password immediately. Passwords and password are personal and Customer agrees not to disclose . In this respect, the Customer is solely responsible for their use. Any attempt to substitute password or ID of another Client is strictly prohibited.




This formula allows any customer to provide a third of their choice gift vouchers in the amount of 10 euros including all taxes eligible to download 11 tracks off promotion.




Addition formulas  » Purchase Cart  » and  » Buy Starzik account  » as provided above, offers a range Starzik purchase Express . It allows to download one (1) title or 1 (one) album without any obligation and without registration . The user of the offer to purchase Express’ will have the option to pay either by credit card or, only in the case of shares by IVR or SMS through a payment system called Allopass.

Buy Now IVR payment by :
Communication will be charged to the Client from a landline on the basis of 1.34 € VAT call +0.34 € TTC per minute ( average duration observed a call is 1 minute thirty) .
For calls from a mobile phone , please contact your telecom operator to know the price of such billing .

Buy Now payment by SMS:
Communication will be charged to the Client from a mobile phone based on 1.5 € TTC SMS knowing that the acquisition of title require 2 SMS .

Article 4: Control



The history and track transactions between the service and the Client are available at any time of the visit in the « my profile » command history downloads.

The company Starzik reserves the right to cancel or refuse any order from a customer with whom there is a dispute over payment of a previous order.

The filing of the purchase orders and invoices is made ​​on a reliable and durable can be produced as evidence.




To purchase securities only , the customer may choose payment by IVR . He just has to select this payment method by clicking on the icon ‘ Pay by IVR . The customer must call a voice server by dialing premium-rate telephone reserved for this purpose and whose coordinates are posted on the Website or on promotional materials offer relaying said . The customer will then record the PIN which will be notified by telephone. The customer will see the code on the site and OK. It will then have access to the download link of the title.

The passcode is used only once and is valid for a period of 30 (thirty) days from the date of issue of code.

AUDIOTEL the service is reserved to the territory of France .

In addition, the billing takes place through your telecom operator, it is best to seek the permission of the owner of the telephone line from which the order is placed .
To purchase securities only , the customer may choose payment by SMS .
He just has to select this payment method by clicking on the icon ‘ SMS’ . The customer must dial a premium-rate telephone reserved for this purpose and whose coordinates are displayed on the Website or on promotional materials offer relaying said . The customer will see the code on the site and OK. It will then have access to the download link of the title.

ATTENTION: Special Provisions « buying Express  » titles
It is stated that in the context of a purchase Express Client is fully aware that it will be ANONYMOUS . Starzik will be unable to identify or trace the history of its purchases . The link provides télchargement shall be valid for an hour. Beyond this time , the client can no longer download the title acquired . That the Customer expressly accepts .
Starzik can not be held responsible for the loss , destruction, title or license on the client computer or change hard disk or hardware and may not appropriate to the customer the possibility to download new sound title . One license to use the title will be issued in this case.
In all cases , no sales license granted shall not give rise to any refund or replacement.




Buying a click through to your registered credit card on the secure payment system of the Caisse d’Epargne (Systempay) is the safest easiest way and the fastest way to make purchases on our site.

Article 5: Payment Methods Purchase Cart ‘and’ Purchase Account Starzik ‘:

All payments Purchase Cart ‘and’ Purchase Account Starzik ‘performed on the SITE are secured by the Savings Bank through technology SSL 128 bits.Le Payments are due upon the purchase of a download digital content and therefore the form of pre-payment. The service is available to the customer upon confirmation of the payment that is notifiée.Le Payment may be made: ID card bancairepar tronic.


Payment may be made:

credit card

signature Idtronic (secure electronic signature of the Savings Bank)

by IVR



Payment may be made:

credit card


Article 6: No right of withdrawal

Pursuant to Article L. 121-20-2 of the Consumer Code, resulting in Ordinance No. 2001-741 of 23 August 2001, the statutory cancellation period of 7 days does not apply to these Terms Vente.Les download purchases of digital content are firm and final. They can not therefore give rise to exchange, redemption or exercise of a right of withdrawal except in respect of packages purchased if they have not been subject to any consumer product. In this case, the Customer has a period of 15 days from the date of purchase to enforce the right of withdrawal. Applications should be sent by mail to Starzik, 25, rue de la Cure, 38360 SASSENAGE. In this case, the company Starzik will then proceed to the annulment of the package.
Purchased packages that have been the subject of consumption can not be refunded or exchanged.

Article 7: Termination

The company STARZIK reserves the right to terminate ipso jure, without notice, the Customer’s account, and without compensation for the benefit of the Client in the following cases: – Failure by the Customer of these Terms and Conditions, – not compliance by the Customer of all prescriptions and online news – non-payment by the Customer of the amount owed, – acts contrary to the interests of STARZIK – acts contrary to the provisions of the Code of intellectual property.

Article 8: Responsibilities

It is expressly agreed between the parties that the company STARZIK is subject to each of the obligations imposed upon it under the present general conditions of sale, a requirement moyens.Le Client liable in respect of the Company in case of breach of its obligations under the Terms of Vente.A such, STARZIK the company is committed to implement commercially reasonable efforts to fulfill its obligations under the Terms of Vente.L ‘ use of the Service implies knowledge and acceptance of the characteristics and limitations of the Internet, the Client agrees to have knowledge of the constraints and limitations of the network internet.Il Customer’s responsibility to protect its technical equipment including against any form of contamination virus and / or intrusion attempts. the Customer is solely responsible for the installation , operation and maintenance of technical equipment necessary to access the Site.
The Customer is solely responsible for the use of data consulted , questions and transfers on the Internet and the use of services offered by the company STARZIK .The responsibility of society STARZIK can not be held in case of non compliance with the legislation of the country where digital content is downloaded .

The Customer is solely responsible for the use he makes of the services that are offered by the company STARZIK . Therefore, the Customer agrees to be personally responsible for any claims and / or procedure and irrespective of the form and nature of the company formed against STARZIK which would relate directly or indirectly to the use of a service download digital content.

Under these conditions , the company STARZIK shall in no event be liable for said constraints and limitations and in particular:

– Its technical performance and response times for consulting, querying or transferring information data

– Data circulating on the Internet that are not necessarily protected , particularly against any misuse,

– The disclosure of any information deemed confidential by the Customer does so at his own risk, it is the Customer to take all appropriate measures to protect their own data and / or software from contamination by viruses on Internet network ,

– Data circulating on the Internet can be regulated in terms of use or be protected by a property right .

The Customer accept the temporary suspension of access to purchasing options .

In any event, the liability of the company is limited to the price STARZIK services ordered by the Customer if the latter will have been fully download digital content online service ordered or have access to , subject to the Customer be able to prove it .

STARZIK society can not be held responsible for any fraudulent use of the information provided on the SITE.

Article 9: Security and protection of personal data

The company STARZIK may collect personal data of the Client, it may also ask at any time , additional information about its personnelles.Il is stated that the SITE has been properly declared to CNIL under the provisions of the law January 6, 1978 . STARZIK the company also has all the legal and administrative authorizations required to operate the SITE and its services.La STARZIK company informs the Customer that all personal information collected by it will be the subject to automatic processing. The company is committed to STARZIK respect the privacy of the Client and to protect personal data. To create this account, it is requested that the Client certain personal information such as their name, postal code and email address. This information allows the company to identify STARZIK Customer and send him a particular e -mail confirmation of registration and its commande.Toutes information the Customer gives the Company STARZIK are intended to better serve its offering personal offers , secure and releases on the SITE. Only with his consent , they may also be used for exploration by other partners commerciauxLe processing of personal data will also allow the company STARZIK to: – fulfill its obligations to its customers ,
– studies to create and develop content exclusively for the Client,- inform the Customer of special offers, updated information and other new service created by the company STARZIK,

– contact the Customer by mail or e-mail to conduct market research and send directly to the Client Terms rates determined from its interests. The Customer also authorizes the company STARZIK to communicate personal data to third parties.

Accordance with the law of 6 January 1978 relating to computers, files and freedoms, the Customer has a right of access, modification, rectification and deletion of data. Under these conditions, the Customer has the right, upon written request signed by him, to receive information on the processing of personal data. Customer must send the request to the company STARZIK at the following address: 25 rue de la Cure SASSENAGE 38360.

If the processed information is incorrect or incomplete, the Customer may request that it be corrected or deleted by sending an email to the company STARZIK, at service.commercial @ starzik.com or by clicking on « My Profile « .

To receive the best possible service from the company STARZIK, the Customer undertakes to regularly update information concerning and to inform the company of any changes STARZIK their personal data.

Article 10: Assistance

For further information, the Customer Service is available via company STARZIK support@starzik.com

Article 11: Intellectual Property

All digital content ( music , sketches, texts, comments , illustrations and images …) reproduced on starzik.com are reserved under copyright and the title of the intellectual property holders and worldwide . For this reason and in accordance with the provisions of the Code of Intellectual Property , only use it for private use subject to different rules even more restrictive code of intellectual property is permitted. Any total or partial reproduction of the SITE for any purpose other than use for its intended purpose and / or its components is strictly prohibited. Any resale , exchange, lease or transfer files to a third party are strictly interdit.Il is recalled that the DRM protection system means a digital file to include monitoring the number of prints and transfer . These opportunities etching and transfer prevail in any case waiver by the holders to the rights to their files delivered .
Regarding the music files , the company STARZIK reiterates its sole holder of the right of distribution of these files and they are protected by national and international legislation on copyright . Customer does not receive as to him that a right of personal use of these files and limited to the information provided at the time of the selection of music files and sketches, in a strictly private and free setting. Any use outside the scope of these is strictly prohibited and any use for purposes other than private exposes the Client to civil lawsuits and / or pénales.Dans assuming the music files available on starzik.com would include references to identification and / or engineering controls and restrictions on use , or protection against third party, the Customer agrees not to violate these terms or measures and / or to modify or delete . the Customer also agrees not to attempt to circumvent or modify the software needed to use the service and not to violate these terms, do not obstruct , modify or delete any information relating to the copyright regime product , or encourage or assist others to carry out such acts .

Article 12: Evidence

The Parties undertake to consider all documents and electronic applications that exchange within the framework of these and their performance as original documents linking a full and complete manner and agree to assign all documents electronic probative value. The scope of the evidence is that given an original in the sense of a written document.

Article 13: Amendments

The company reserves the right STARZIK power, at any time to make changes of any kind relating to such sales service download offers and the SITE. It is up to the Customer to keep it regularly informed of any developments SITE.De Similarly, STARZIK company reserves the right to modify these terms and conditions, provided that in this case, the terms and conditions applicable are those into force on the SITE on the date the Customer has ordered.

Article 14: Applicable law

These Terms and Conditions are governed by the law française.Le Client accepts the exclusive authority and jurisdiction of the French courts in case of disputes relating to these Terms and Condtions of Sale.

Article 15: Miscellaneous

The company STARZIK reserves the right to establish links on its SITE giving access to pages other than the SITE. The Customer is expressly informed that the sites they can access through hypertext links do not belong STARZIK society, therefore, it assumes no responsibility for the content of information provided on these sites under activation hyperlink. STARZIK the company prohibits any third party to place a hyperlink to a page or pages of the SITE without prior express permission.